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We do have some sim­ple, com­mon sense rules for sub­mit­ting Articles:

1) Please keep your sub­mis­sions on subject.

2) Please include an email address to which you would like to have cor­re­spon­dence sent. If you have a web­site, please include that as well.

3) If you make a state­ment that isn’t com­mon knowl­edge, espe­cially sta­tis­tics, you must back it up with a link. If you need help with this, you can always ask us for some research tips. But we’ll prob­a­bly just tell you to go to Google anyhow.

4) Please title your sub­mis­sion. We may decide to change it at pub­li­ca­tion, but at least we’ll have some­thing off which we can work.

5) Please let us know whether or not your piece is an orig­i­nal sub­mis­sion. We pre­fer them to be orig­i­nal, but we will reprint excep­tional pieces. FithiNews​.com does not pay for most sub­mit­ted articles.

6) If your sub­mis­sion is rejected, please don’t stop send­ing. Accep­tance depends on a vari­ety of fac­tors, includ­ing time­li­ness, style, and any num­ber of edi­to­r­ial require­ments of the moment that may not nec­es­sar­ily reflect on your writ­ing ability.

7) If you have sub­mit­ted a piece and haven’t heard back from us in a rea­son­able amount of time, feel free to give us a “what’s up?” email. Some­times things get put on the back burner when break­ing news hits…or maybe it just slipped our minds. Hey, we’re human, too.